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Thursday, 10 May 2012

Scrambled News

Hey guys!

Woah wondering why I'm filling my blog in a week? well because I cannot go on living knowing my dear blog is empty! so I figured its better to fill my blog rather than taking other drastic steps well I bring to you dear people the various stuff happening. Firstly let me show you a few pictures,

This is a dog that we found on the street, was pretty cute but she belong to someone else so I had her stay over for just one night, but she's so I want a dog
 Shocking but true.......until a few weeks back these chicks were my pets too. They were crazy and messy and noisy...but at the end of the day still cute.

This was when my dad and  niece decided to "paint" the chicks so that they could differentiate between the 6 chicks.

Okay since the animal update is over and yes for those of you who like Panda and Sunshine, those two are doing swell, they have their fights in-between but over all they're good.

Now for the Book update. Okay my type of books would be very selective, geekly I like Asian History books, like Chinese history or the WWII concerning the orient. Other than History I like the classic Sherlock Holmes and the Chronicle of Brother series.

wait a minute wait a minute! You guys don't know the Chronicle of brothers!?!
The Chronicle of Brothers is a book series by Wendy Alec based on Man. Yes only that its from BEFORE Man was created! Yeah I believe in all that! happy?

so far three books of the Chronicle of Brothers have released.

BOOK I  Fall of Lucifer: This based on how Lucifer objects the creation of man and turns renegade. Making his only motive to take down man kind with him. The book also features a Archaeologist Nick who is dying of Aids, and stumbles upon facts concerning the 3 Brothers Michael, Gabriel and Lucifer.

BOOK II Messiah: Since Man kind is doomed to be prisoners to Lucifer a Messiah is sent from heaven to fight the battle and win back the rights to the Man.

BOOK III Son of Perdition: well....I'm still reading so you will have to wait for me to write a summary.

Sadly these books aren't available in India so I gotta order them from over the seas which means shipping cost (the darn shipping cost, costs almost of the price of the book)
So after finally saving that much and finally ordering it, it took a month but I got it! but I'm not gonna read it now! okay wow this is a great time for me to announce that this May I'll be going to Japan (after 6 long years of wait!)  so I plan to read on the long flight~

so here my collection of the 3 books! if you like the Supernatural, I recommend this series. 

So stay cool in the summer have fun and don't forget the watermelons!

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