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Thursday, 19 July 2012

Why I love my scar?

Last year as many of my friends know I underwent surgery on my shoulder. I had 10 stitches on my shoulder right next to my collar bone.  In the beginning my scar really did creep people out, and I had my share of fun in it. But as the scar started to settle in I decided not to apply the anti scar cream. As most of you guys know, I love my scar! Although you guys have heard me say I like it because it’s almost like a war scar, well Since I had more than required time on my hand I thought I’d share why I love my scar.

Simple, It holds too many memories!

Firstly because of my surgery I was able to give hope and strength to another boy who was about to undergo the same surgery. I have never thought that I could ever give courage and hope to someone else, so my scar reminds that I can give hope to others.

Secondly, My scar also reminds me of all the hard times, pain and failures I had during the dark times of 2011. When I look at the scar I feel stronger that what I was before.

Thirdly, my scar reminds me of all my friends who were constantly helping me getting through the storm.  Even though I cried like a stupid baby XD

Lastly and most important, my scar reminds me of how I rebuilt my faith and trust in God, and knowing he teaches me the ways of this world in His special way.

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